Hoffmann's India Clifton & Co.'s Bombay Tuck's Calcutta
Plate's Ceylon Johnny Store's Karachi Tuck's Lahore Mela Ram's Frontier
  Marrotts Baluchistan Kashmir Artistic Views Oodeyram's Jaipur

Early Postcards of India and Ceylon

77 early and exemplary postcards of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka from the golden age of postcards, 1900-1920. Selections include some of the earliest Austrian postcards of India by a painter, and early views of the giant metropolis Mumbai [Bombay]. The cities of Kolkatta [Calcutta] and Lahore are illustrated by Tuck's world famous early art postcard series. Plate's art and photo studio in Colombo is the source for some of the most popular postcards even in India. The work of a major studio in Karachi, and another Karachi photographers early shots of Balochistan are included. The great photographers Mela Ram of the Northwest Frontier province, and the studio Gobindram Oodeyram of Jaipur are represented. An annonymous painters exhibits a series from Kashmir around 1910.

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