Balouchistan in their National Dress Khojak Tunnel by the end Baluchistan Pathaus of Quetta
St. Mary's Church Winter, Quetta Sir Henry Mac Mohan with H. H. The Khan of Kilat Brahui of Quetta
Ripon Road Showing Massonic Hall, Quetta Khojak Tunnel

K.C. Marrott ran his own studio in Karachi, Sindh Province in the early 1900s. His sepia postcards of the neighboring province of Baluchistan were quite popular and re-published by Quetta-based firms like Mullick Brothers and R.W. Rai & Sons. They seem far more common than his postcards of Sindh. Unlike another early photographer of Baluchistan who focused on the official Raj, Fred Bremner, Marrott concentrated on the wide variety of people in Baluchistan and he really did a comprehensive job of tracing the province's people and events. The Brahuis of the semi-independent Kalat state were among his most common subjects.


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