Das Thor Vom, Jaipur Das Oberste Thor Vom  Fort, Gwalior Hygeri Line in Bomby
Madchenschule in Jaipur Im Moschee-Hof Machhi-Kaman Der Grosse Verbrennungsplatz in Benares [Varanasi]
The Place of Contrition in Benares [Varanasi] The Administrator Place in Benares [Varanasi]
Among the many postcard publishers that appeared when illustrated postcards first did around 1898 was the Austrian firm of Joseph Heim. They published a series of "Artists Postcards" by the painter Joseph Hoffmann in Vienna in April 1898. The advertisement [below] in Die Illustrierte Postkarte, a new magazine in its second issue, noted that the postcards were printed in the finest Aquarell. Three of the postcards are of Benares, two are of Jaipur, and one each of Gwalior, Bombay and Hyderabad.

Joseph Hoffmann (1831-1904), like many European artists in search of inspiration, traveled to Persia and India in 1850. Hoffmann had begun his career with an exhibition at the age of fifteen, and studied briefly at the Viennese Academy. After returning from India at the age of 20, he worked for a well-known Vienna studio. Hoffmann settled down to a career exclusively as a historical landscape painter.

Die Illustrierte Postkarte
July 1898
Vienna, Austria



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