A Jaipur Sardar Maina Dancing Girls, Jaipur Albert Museum, Jaipur
Maharaja's Best Elephant with Howdah, Jaipur Jaipur Woman Haldiya House, Main Street Jaipur Dancing Girls, Jaipur Bullock With Water-Skins & Bishti, Jaipur
Albert Hall, Front View, Jaipur Water Maid, Jaipur Snack Charmer, Jaipur
Many cities and towns were dominated by single photographic studio. Gobindram Oodeyram were the pre-eminent Jaipur studio for over a century.

The firm opened in the 1880s and survived until the 1970s, when it apparently split. Gobindram Oodeyram postcards are, like K.C. Marrott's, strong in images of people from all sectors of society. Certain cards, like those of the Maharajah and his family, were lightly hand-colored. Through the Maharajah, Gobindram Oodeyram were photographers to many visiting dignitaries. When Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria visited in 1890, Gobindram Oodeyram created the leather-bound album commemorating his visit.

The firm also offered many photographs of nautch [dancing] girls.


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