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Raphael Tuck & Sons of London were the world's premiere early postcard publisher. Tucks published its first Christmas cards in 1871 and first postcards, like many other firms, in 1898. The firm was a regular supplier of Christmas cards to Queen Victoria, and could boast the title "Art Publishers to Their Majesties the King & Queen."

Tucks reminds us that photographs were not the only source of images for postcards. Tucks cards are distinctive for their gorgeous use of color, from delicate impressionistic hues to thick brushstrokes of color. Their originals were in fact paintings, though not all Tucks cards are in color.

Tucks India cards start appearing around 1905. The many geographic and thematic series cover most major cities and regions. The numbering was very confusing, but they came with detailed descriptive captions unlike any other publishers. These postcards of Kolkatta [Calcutta] are among the most popular of the city for much of the postcard era.

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