Mina and Yasin pass through a time warp, where these characters wait to guide them on a quest. They are based on real terracotta (clay) figurines, toy carts, and a horned animal carved in stone seals, all made by people who lived in the Indus cities around 4000 years ago. Find out more about them!

Terracotta Cartman, his cart and the Bull
Terracotta Cart Man, his friend Bull, and a toy cart. They take curious children anywhere they wish to go.
    >>> Investigate them!  >>>

The magnificent One-horn Beast carved in stone

This one-horned beast was carved in stone. Children are permitted
to address him as 'Magnificence'.
>>>  Where can you find him? >>>


A terracotta figurines with baskets on her head


This terracotta figurine uses the name of Plenty in the story but who or what was she really?
    >>> what can she tell you? >>>


Terracotta toddlers  These cheeky  toddlers love      to play!   
>>> What did they play with?  >>>