A Baluchi Shepherd

A Baluchi Shepherd

Fred Bremner,  ~1900

[This and other photographs are from Fred Bremner's My Forty Years in India (1940) which was re-issued in 2007 by Pagoda Tree Press.]

"The journey through the Bolan Pass is barren, devoid of any trees or even a blade of grass, only steep mountains on either side, and yet there are to be seen flocks of sheep - grazing on what! One wonders until they are told that the soil contains a herb which the sheep find and by their appearrance it is evident they fatten on the product. I never saw such healthy looking animals anywhere and covered with great masses of woolly coats. The mutton in Baluchistan is famed for its fine quality. Honestly I have never tasted better anywhere, not even in Scotland." (Forty Years, pp. 30-31)


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