Hawkshaw's India
From Lahore to Gwalior: A remarkable 19th Century album with images by Bourne and Sache

Join the American photographer William Henry Jackson on an hand-colored tour

40 years of unique images in Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab. With an essay by Brij Bhushan Sharma.

India Map
130 photographs of India
and Pakistan a century ago. From Karachi to Calcutta, Cochin to Kashmir.

Archaeological Photography and the Creation of Histories in Colonial India
Sudeshna Guha dissects the role of photography in Indian archaeology

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Lala Deen Dayal (1844-1910)

Frederico Peliti (1844-1914)

Samuel Bourne (1834-1912)

John Burke (1843-1900)

Dr. John Murray (1809-1898)
Hawkshaw's India booksIndia
Indian Raj photography books.

From Kashmir to Kabul
by Omar Khan

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Probably John Sache in Lucknow, 1870's
Samuel Bourne1863-1869
Fred Bremner1883-1923
John Sache1865-1883
William Henry Jackson1898-1899