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Brij Bhushan Sharma

The author was born in 1949 in north India and studied in Dehra Dun. He developed an interest in the history of photography while working as a journalist with the Times of India in the 1970s. He is currently a journalist with a newspaper in Bahrain.

In the 1980s Brij Bhushan Sharma contributed 14 papers to the quarterly 'History of Photography'. He is now putting together two bibliographies: one relating to the printed material about the history of photography in India (1951-2000) and the other about the photographically-illustrated books printed in or about India (1856-1946).
Brij Bhushan Sharma
His History of Photography articles are:

1. An Album of the Governors-General of India July-September 1985

2. Architectural Photography in Western India and the Work of Colonel T. Biggs April-June 1983

3. Artist and Photography: Some Indian Encounters July-September 1988 (About Louis Rousselet, E M Merrick, Val Prinsep and G P Jacomb-Hood)

4. A Bijapur Album April-June 1988

5. Camera Obscura and the Last Mughal April-June 1989 (About Helen Mackenzie in the Mughal court in 1850)

6. Darogha Ubbas Alli: An Unknown 19th-Century Indian Photographer January-March 1983

7. Fred Bremner's Indian Years October-December 1989

8. James Ricalton: An American Photographer in India January-March 1987

9. Montagu Redknap: Photographer of the First England-India Car Trip July-September 1989

10. A Persian Curiosity April-June 1987

11. A 'Photographic' Book on the Indian Mutiny April 1982

12. Sir John Malcolm in Persia October-December 1987

13. Typical Pictures of Indian Natives January-March 1988

14. Wilsonian Rambles July-September 1986 (About 'Rambles in Northern India' by Francesca H Wilson)

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