Audio: Bhopal

Shaukat Mahal [Palace], Bhopal

"The country is a little bit hilly, if you've been to Portugal, ups and downs and rivers, plenty of water, plenty of greenery. Beautiful jungles, lots of wild animals. Our lives were more a country life.

We had 88% Hindus and 12% Muslims, no feelings all, never a single riot, never a single killing. There was no difference. The Prime Minister was a Hindu.

For Eid, the first tray of Sehri [meal before fast], it used to be sent by the Hindus to the mosques. We used to go to their Holi and Dassera and all their functions. We used to be drenched in rang [colors] and gowar [grains] and we used to enjoy it thoroughly."

May 8, 1990

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Sarojini Naidu



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