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Celebrating 50 years of India and Pakistan's Independence with 9 newsreels from Universal and The March of Time.
Movie of
the Month

Long unseen film unwinds, from Kashmir in 1947 to World War II recruiting in Punjab, from an earthquake in Bihar to the Sukkur Barrage and Colombo harbor.
The March
of Time

Outtakes and Newsreels, 1941

From the early morning streets of Delhi to Nehru's release from prison and Jinnah's Bombay meeting.

The Shah

Amateur Color Film, 1939-48

Exceptional glimpses, from the Hissar Famine in 1939 to a garden party in Lahore and the garden palace in Mysore.

Archival Film of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

These archival films of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka before Independence from some of the world's largest early film newsreel companies like Universal and The March of Time. They include film of Gandhi, Jinnah, and Nehru in often informal settings. Material from The Shah Collection, an early color archive shot by a doctor starting in 1939 can also be seen and includes some very rare footage from rural Punjab. A shot-by-shot index of pieces of India and Pakistan film from Universal Newsreels, The March of Time and the Shah Collection is also available although not all pieces can be viewed on the web.

Film can be seen on Windows or Macintosh computers with QuickTime software installed. If needed, download QuickTime software. Recent Movies-of-the-Month can also be seen in the RealPlayer format.


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