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Archaeological Photography and the Creation of Histories in Colonial India An essay and slideshow by Dr. Sudeshna Guha examining the early history and role of photography in early Indian archaeology.

Study of the Ancient Indus Script Asko Parpola's wide-ranging and brilliant essay on the ancient Indus Valley script and response to Farmer et. al thesis that the signs are not a written language.

Mohenjo-Daro! 103 unseen images of the largest ancient Indus Valley city in Pakistan by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

Gola Dhoro Startling new discoveries by Indian archaeologists at an ancient Indus site in Gujarat

The Latest Discoveries: Harappa 1999-2000 The Ravi Phase: Harappa before the height of ancient Indus civilization. 90 Slides.

Attia Hosain: A Writer's Partition Attia Hosain: A Writer's Partition

Mystery at Mound F The so-called Granary and Working Platforms at Harappa

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