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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)

M. K. Gandhi was born in Porbandar, a village in Gujarat province in India in 1869. He became the father of Indian independence, and one of the greatest spiritual and political leaders of modern times. His teachings have inspired countless movements and individuals.
Unfortunately, the surviving audio material of Mahatma Gandhi is limited. One of the best surviving sound recordings of his voice, according to its label, could have been made as early as 1925 (according to one label) although it is usually attributed to 1931. If it was in 1925, Gandhi would have been released the previous year from a two-year jail term. It was the height of the khadi homespun cloth movement. He travelled throughout the country with his spinning wheel. He was also serving as President of the Indian National Congress Party. If, on the other hand, it was made in 1931, it would have been just after the Second Non-Cooperation Movement, between London Round Table Conferences and just before he would be jailed again after the breakdown of the Gandhi-Irwin pact.
The title of this talk was "My Spiritual Message." It is not known how or by whom this recording was made. It is likely to have been pressed on a 78 rpm record in a studio.
Near the beginning of his address, Gandhi says:
"In my tour last year in Mysore [State], I met many poor villagers, and I found upon inquiry that they did not know who ruled Mysore. They simply said some God ruled it. If the knowledge of these poor people was so limited about their ruler, I, who am infinitely lesser in respect to God than they to their ruler need not be surprised if I do not realize the presence of God, the King of Kings. Nevertheless I do feel as the poor villagers felt about Mysore, that there is orderliness in the universe."

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