Dr. Riaz Ali Shah moved his family to Lahore in 1940. His wife (in the left panel) is shown in the movie holding their daughter and drumming.

The building behind the Shah family in the third shot is the Hiran Minar, built by the Mughal Emperor Jehanghir outside Lahore to honor a favorite deer.

Begum Riaz says:

"Movie camera, I don't remember which year [Dr. Riaz Ali Shah] got it, but in those days there was no sound with the movie camera. There was no sound in those days. But he took great fondness in [making movies]. He loved the children, so he took movies of them, whatever he liked he filmed. [Then] we used to watch the film, and that made us happy."

Shah Family 1940's Shot List
1 Women dancing, MacLeod Road, Lahore.
2 Dr. Shah with son, Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura.
3 Dr. Shah's family, Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura.
4 Dr. and Begum Shah's Daughter.
5 Begum Shah with daughter.
6 Women dancing.
7 Begum Shah (left) and relative with dholki.


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