Post Card sent by Bhakrat Chand

from Chhabraha to Kuchaman

September 9, 1905

[The text of the letter is in the nearly extinct "Modi" language, a combination of Gujarati and Rajasthani or Marathi. The translation was arranged by Mrs. Rukmani Ramani in Bombay; thanks also to Ash Nallawalla]

[To:] Brother Chhaganlal Baruna, Deepchand Birdichandji, Kagad, Kuchaman, No. 7, District Sambar.

[Text:] Written from Chhabrha accept regards of Swaroopchand Mangilal. Further here and there both the sides Shreeji Maharaj [God] is always helpful.

Letter came from Samdadi, written on Chaitra Badi 12th [Hindi month and date] and received on Badi 14th read contents. You have written that you have received Rupees 19 for wheat. Now purchaser is not getting weighted [not taking delivery]. If you write legal action will be taken. If you write like this it is alright. You are an honorable person. If you insist he will get it weighted, otherwise there no problem. You have not written the rates after inquiry which you must have written. If the delivery of wheat is not being taken, a time bound notice is given to the purchaser [kendangee]. If by the notice he gets it weighted then it is alright, otherwise do not sell it at market price. Write to us the rate at which you have committed and the rate at which it can be sold. Then after adjusting their Rupees 19 cancel the balance equity.

Bhakrat Chand 1952 [Hindi year]
Chaitri Badi 6th.

[Note: It seems that the wheat was sent to a consignment agent who sold the wheat to the purchaser Mr. Kundan. Due to price fluctuation the purchaser is not taking the wheat. Therefore the seller is asking the agent to pressure the party to take the material or, if not, then he is seeking legal advice about taking action against he purchaser, and asking the agent to find out the correct price before selling it to anyone else on the market.]

[Front printed:] Bhagwandas Dullabdhas
Cheap Stationer and Commission Agent
Abdul Rehman Street, Bombay [Mumbai]


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