Cawnpore. [Kanpur] On the Ganges.

Illustrated London News

November 28, 1857

"C awnpore is situated on the west side of the Ganges-which is here more than a mile broad, and is crossed by a bridge of boats-in lat. 26 deg. N., and long. 80 deg. E. It is a modern town, and one of the principal military stations of the province of Allahabad. The neighbouring gardens produce an abundance of grapes, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables. The principal bazaars in the native town are well supplied, and there is a great trade in leather and cloths of every kind. The European shops, also, are numerous and excellent.
"Amongst the principal buildings is a handsome modern Gothic Church, a Theatre, and the Assembly-rooms - lately the scene of a dismal and revolting massacre of our fellow-countrymen. The writer in Madden's 'Gazeteer and Gazeteer Map' says, 'Nana Sahib appears to have experienced a malignant satisfaction in dragging a great part of his victims to be butchered at these Assembly-rooms, where the wretch himself had many a time and oft enjoyed the hospitality of the English residents.' About ten miles distant by land, on the same side of the Ganges, is Bithoor, late the residence of this miscreant, but which has since the mutiny and massacre been burned to the ground by the gallant Havelock. Cawnpore was in former times the largest cantonment in upper India, but has recently and particularly since the annexation of Oude, been shorn of its pristine glory."


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