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 he British assembled their lives in India in photo albums and shipped the precious tomes back home. The albums themselves are very similar: mostly pictures of places where their owners served, and a gallery of Indian servants in the back.

When their owners died, the albums lost their hearts. Within a generation many, like the Hawkshaw album, ended up in pawnshops.

A century later, their value is being rediscovered by the heirs to the people in the back of the albums. This audience is interested in seeing a familiar subcontinent long before an all-too-crowded present. This audience looks back at the colonial eye.
 Poplar Avenue, Srinagar, Kashmir
Samuel Bourne #801

Major Edward Crichton Hawkshaw was born on March 9, 1854 in Berkshire, South Gloucester. At 18 he became a Gentleman cadet. He went to India in 1881 with A Battery of the Royal Horse Artillery. He served until November 1883, after which he spent a year in Sri Lanka.

Hawkshaw's later tours of duty included Hong Kong and five years at home. He returned to India from 1891 until his retirement in 1896.

The album is the record of his life in India. It is shown in the order he left it, with his captions and punctuation.




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