1Ancient Indus Figurine Slides (40)$65
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A 40 slide sub-set of Embodying Indus Life: Terracotta Figurines from Harappa by Sharri Clark is available as 35mm slides for $65. Shipping is $3 in the US ($8 international). Purchase orders accepted. Slides strictly for non-commercial (private and educational) use only. Commercial use requires a separate license.

All slides were photographed by and are copyright © Dr. R.H. Meadow, Sharri Clark, and/or (HARP) and are made available courtesy of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan. Slides come with captions.

1.A group of terracotta figurines from Harappa.2.Ox- or water buffalo-drawn cart with driver from Harappa.
3.Early Harappan female figurine with painted features from Harappa. 4.Female figurine with a fan-shaped headdress from Harappa.
5.Female figurine with a double volute headdress from Harappa.6Female figurine with locks of hair from Harappa.
7.Female figurine with a "turban" from Harappa.8.Female figurine with three chokers/necklaces from Harappa.
9.Female figurine with painted ornaments from Harappa.10."Fat" female figurine from Harappa.
11.Female figurine holding a nursing infant from Harappa.12.Male figurine from Harappa.
13.Two seated male figurines from Harappa.14.Seated male figurine with hands raised from Harappa.
15.Two male figurines with painted hair from Harappa.16.Male figurine with a fan-shaped headdress from Harappa.
17.Four male figurines with horned headdresses from Harappa.18.Composite figurine with horns from Harappa.
19.Three Early Harappan zebu figurines from Harappa.20.Zebu figurine with painted designs from Harappa.
21.Water buffalo figurine from Harappa.22.Three markhor figurine heads from Harappa.
23.Deer figurine from Harappa.24.Two rhinoceros figurines from Harappa.
25.Two feline figurines from Harappa.26.Feline figurine with "coffee bean" eyes from Harappa.
27.Bear figurine from Harappa.28.Monkey figurine from Harappa.
29.Fish figurine from Harappa.30.Dog figurine with a collar from Harappa.
31.Unidentified animal figurine from Harappa.32.Bird figurine from Harappa.
33.Bird figurine/whistle from Harappa.34.Animal "puppet" figurine from Harappa.
35.Body of a figurine with a movable head and tail from Harappa.36.Movable head of a bovine figurine from Harappa.
37.Bodies of two figurines with neck shafts. .38.Wheeled zebu figurine from Harappa.
39.Wheeled Ram Figurine. 40.Two composite anthropomorphic / animal figurines from Harappa.

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