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The Imperial Gaze The Photography of Samuel Bourne (1863-1970)

Edited by Ebrahim Alkazi

Sophie Gordon/Alkazi Collection of Photography, New York, 2000
Paperback, 27 pgs.,$10

The companion to the New York Exhibition of the same name at the Alkazi Collection of Photography in 2000. This photographic archive and research facility spanning three continents is making its presence felt in Raj photography exhibitions and scholarship worldwide. The Imperial Gaze exhibition includes over 100 photographs by Samuel Bourne. Useful new facts emerge in this slim but well-researched catalog, especially about Bourne's later photographic activities in England and in distinguishing his own work from that which carried his studio's name. The Imperial Gaze Exhibition runs through December 30, 2000 in New York. The catalog is available from Sepia International.

Also currently available from Sepia are copies of Arthur Ollman's SAMUEL BOURNE Images of India, a beautifully illustrated and informative paperback published by The Friends of Photography in 1983.

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